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Best Weight Plates To Buy Under 100$

If you are a gym and fitness freak always love to stay fit you know how much it is important working out is. The thing that makes your workout more great is the use of best equipment. The better equipment you use the better results you will get, people use much different equipment when they work out but the most useable is their weight plates. Which is what keeps every exercise going no matter what body part you doing that is what keeps you going. Without weighing plates no bench press will be there, no barbell curls and military press will be there, you won’t be to do deadlift and squats in the gym without weights. So the thing that affects us so much we need to make sure that, that thing we get with the best quality so it won’t keep us back. Now before we get into the things that we need in weight plates and what are the best ones under 100$. Let’s know some facts about them.

What is the weight plates?

The weight plates are basically an iron cast weight that been covered with rubber and made a hole in the middle. So we can use them later in our workout by attaching them with our Dumbbells and rods for our daily exercise.

Plate size

The weighing plates come in different sizes, from 1.25 kg to 50kg and more there’s no limit in that. The most seen plates are your 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and max 25kg. After 25kg you won’t see them making many plates as not everyone can use them they are made for mostly professional bodybuilders and only available in big and expensive gym. You won’t see the big plate in your normal average gym, while gyms like gold gym, anytime fitness gym, world gym there you can see them easily and even can see people using them.

Types of plates

The 2 most types of weight plates you will see anywhere are your bumper plates and cast iron plates. The bumper plates are most likely the best option also a more expensive option than the cast iron plate as you get protection of rubber with it. Any good gym and Olympic gyms will be using these bumper plates only. While some might use cast-iron played which has no protection of any kind of rubber and can injure you badly if by chance fell on your leg or anywhere.

The best weight plates to get under 100 $?

Simply Putten you are most likely not going to get a nice weight plate pair with best brands under 100$. It’s up to you to find out as those brands mostly send the plates with sets that are cheap to rather than buying separate.

So there are many plates that you can but under 100 that will be best for you, so let’s talk about it.

I will tell you some simple pairs of weight that you can find out to buy. The plan is simple to make sure you know what you are getting. As every brand sells their weight on their own prices. There’s a reason as the quality of the weights gets different.

Yep I know you must be thinking what quality? Weights are weights no matter what you buy the main importance is weight. Which is not really true also hot totally wrong. This depends on your mind what you think and what your perspective is.

Now which plates you can get with nice brand great quality and good use.

There are starting from like I said from 1.25kg. Not every brand gives you that weight plates. There are things about local brands they go for best approach that are standard plates for 2.5kg to 20kg or 25kg.

The thing about them making those only is that they care about money and how much they earn from them. As if they make more and less weight it will stay there for a longer time.

The best weight pair you can probably get from the best brands too under 100$?

pair of 10lb(10$ to 30$), yep most of the international brands and best brand use lbs only.

Pair of 15lb (30$ to 50$)

Pair of 25lb (40$ to 60$)

Pair of 35lb (40$ to 70$)

Pair of 50lb (50$ to 80$)

Pair of 80lb (75$ to 100$)

Now what I told you was the basic rate of the best brands in the market selling those can be more can be less it not fixed. Those were the rates for your Olympic bumper plates so metal plates will come cheaper than that rate.…

Weight Plates

Why Using A Scale Isn’t Always The Best Way To Measure Weight Loss

When you are working out every day, it won’t be bad for you to expect results but what if the scale you use to see result in not really helping you, what will you do?

Yes, it does happen when you are using a scale that just shows you your bodyweight it can also keep you from getting the best results. Let’s start with the start only from knowing about the weighing scale.

What is a weighing or weight measuring scale?

The weight measuring scale is just as it sounds, a scale to measure your weight. The simple weight scale lets you measure the weight know if you are getting lean or not, or to be more specific, it shows you if you are losing your weight or not.

Why weighing scale is not always a good option to lose weight?

Like we talked about earlier the weighing scale is a scale that tells you weight that is it. But when you’re trying to lose weight it doesn’t matter much what matters is that you lose fat percentage. In our body, it’s not just fat weight we have there are many other options that can make you seem to look slim and lose your weight for some time. But that will also make you gain as early as they lose that weight. Which mostly led people to get more heavy than they were before.

What are the different types of bodyweight in our body?

Water weight: The water weight is one that makes us simply look slimmer very easy and also the one that gets our weight super up as soon as you start having it. When many people trying to lose weight they usually leave drinking water because of that and that’s why they may lose a couple of pounds easily but later their weight will come back at double speed.

Body mass index: The body mass index cannot be measured through the simple weighing scale. Body mass index is really a great and important, as it tells you how much mass your body has and how much fat is there. Whether you are healthy or not, or you lie in underweight or overweight category.

Fat percentage: It is like a body mass index but better than that. The fat percentage mostly focuses on your whole fat containment in your body and that what keeps your body weight high. So when you are using S standard weighing scale you can’t find this feature too.

Bone mass: Have you ever noticed you can find some people who look super thin but when the weight is being measured there weight is really high. Even though they don’t have muscle or fat the reason they have so much weight is just because of your bone mass. As some people, bones are thicker and with time get leaner and weaker.

Why I’m telling you all these? it’s because you should know that weight loss meters on all these things and sometimes. When you measure your weight you can see losing weight because of all these factors. Which also can be harmful as it is like if you losing your water weight it will result in getting dehydrated and can even end up getting diarrhea and other disease.

If your muscle mass is getting low and you losing weight because of that then it also won’t do any good for you. As the weight of muscles getting lost means that that your muscle is losing strength and it’s shape.

If your fat percentage is getting lost, that can be a good thing for your body and for your weight loss. As when you are losing weight your only concern should be the weight only do if you are losing the fat then you are on the right path.

Bone mass, your bone mass is another thing you should be concerned about while losing your weight. If your bone mass is getting less means your bones are getting weaker that will make you weak too. Also if your bones are weak it increases the injuries chances on your body as small trip and fall can lead to broken bones.

How you can solve these?

Well, nowadays there are many smart weighing scale that tells you all of those things letting you get perfect accurate weight, body mass index, fat percentage, water weight, bone mass, and many more features. So if you want to choose a better weight-loss feature you can upgrade your standard weight loss scale to the smart weight measuring scales. It will give you overall benefits making your life healthier and better, providing you a better lifestyle.…